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Choose from any of the insurance services we offer and you can get a fast, free, and instant insurance quote. You'll get the opportunity to view and choose the best plan that is tailored for your needs at the price you deserve.

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Coverage Point delivers the complete package. We are direct business-to-consumer agency that provides web based insurance information to individuals, families, and small businesses alike.

Our online services provide you a comprehensive list of insurance companies where you can search and review the things that matter most to you.

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Coverage Point offers top agent/agency contracts for multiple lines of insurance, along with employment opportunities, with the room for advancement. For more information, please email contracting@coveragepoint.com.
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Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Cost Calculator - Is Long Term Care Expensive? Yes, the average cost of Long Term Care in ones lifetime, is very expensive. Generally way more expensive than ones medical costs in your lifetime, which your health insurance covers. The premium for Long Term Care Insurance doesn't have to be expensive though. It's a lot like Life Insurance. The longer you wait to obtain it, the more it will cost you. Buying a Long Term Care policy now, will likely save you significantly in the future. That's because your beating inflation, declined health and age.

About 60% of us will need Long Term Care in our lifetime.

Laws have changed recently that can seriously impact your nestegg, if you can't pay for Long Term Care. Medicaid doesn't covers Long Term Care like they use to. Over the last 5 years, more and more people are finding, you can no longer rely on Medicaid like you used to, when it comes to paying for the most expensive years of your lifetime. I keep hearing stories of others who right now are dealing with Long Term Care issues with their parents or grandparents. Most never had time to plan for the changes to Medicaid.

***** New Product *****

Annuities - Have an under performing investment that you're not sure what to do with? Or, are you interest in an investment that performs above your expectations. Recently, a reputable and stable company, released an Annuity that guarantees a return.